So today, I thought I would update the pictures on the photo-tips page of how to take good pictures for portraits and what to look for when you take them, also the things to try and avoid! Firstly when taking pictures of you pet, it should be an enjoyable experience for you both. If your dog is prone to jumping around, there is nothing wrong with having a second pair of hands to help you out, in fact it’s a lot easier to get a great picture whilst trying not to multitask. These pictures were taken on an iPhone 5, just so you can gauge the spec phone with the quality of the images. Newer phones far outstip this phones camera capabilities, but I will do another post on how to take great pictures with your camera, and link it on here when it gets done. Admittedly, some of my images are a little blurred due to camera shake or my dog moving to get the treat! Here are some of the results – firstly we have the good pictures.

  • In focus
  • clear, and well lit
  • subject looking alert and happy

Then we have pictures that are not so great. As you can see, getting the right level when taking pictures is key to getting great pictures. You will see below some examples of pictures that were taken standing up, therefore looking down on the dog, creating a not so flattering image.

  • Not quite in focus
  • washed out lighting or overly exposed
  • wrong camera levels, producing unflattering images

So I hope this has helped you with what you can expect to get from your mobile phone, and some dog treats to get a cracking picture of your pet! I will be trying other phones, and posting my results on the blog with helpful tips and tricks along the way!

have a great day!