I was born in Oxford, England roughly 30 years ago. I’m a self-taught, freelance artist who strives to create accurate and inspired art in multiple mediums, from sketching, digital painting in Adobe Photoshop to oil on canvas. I have many artistic influences including Roberto Ferri, Turner, Caravaggio, Banksy, Brian Fraud, Alan Lee, Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo and many more. I’m also a keen photographer, interested in portraits and wildlife photography – I ran a photographic studio for over 6 years before deciding to pursue my first love of painting, after having my first commission at 16 for three horses, the ball never stopped!

I love the challenge of creating art in different mediums, most recently learning mig welding to further my skill in blacksmithing and metalwork, creating sculptures in iron and steel. It’s a passion that was born from starting a farriers apprenticeship when I was 17, but the job and I didn’t mix; I was more interested in making pretty things. I live with my family and two beautiful black labs, called Alphie and Kaiser in a wonderful little market town in Oxfordshire called Witney. I’m sure you will many more pictures of them on my blog, as they always end up in pictures!

So, I will conclude by saying thank you for visiting my site and hopefully finding either something inspirational or something I can help you with!

Warmest wishes