There are endless options when it comes to framing your pictures, but over the years of framing pictures for people, I have noticed a few patterns when it comes to framing choice. Here on this page, I will show you the most popular choices that I have encountered, and the sorts of pictures they will suit. Of course, the opinions on this page are purely my own and you are welcome to choose the frame you desire for your picture!

Popular frames.

Classic Black

This is by far the most popular type of frame I am asked to frame pencil sketch portraits with. It’s a sleek, modern classic that fits with near all decors. It’s a glass-fronted frame with an off-white/cream mount, perfect for framing all pencil sketches.

Rustic Look

This is also a very popular option, it’s a rustic looking mock-wood moulding that looks amazing. This particular frame doesn’t typically have a mount, but you can, of course, have a larger frame to accommodate a mount.

Bespoke framing – The options are endless!

These two frames are in my opinion excellent looking frames, that will suit all sketch portraits, and it’s because of their popularity I am able to provide them to you as an in-cart addon. But alas, when it comes to frames, mounts and all things that will truly make your commission unique to you, there is always the option for bespoke framing. The sky is your limit, also It is a lot more affordable than you would imagine! As you may have noticed, I am based in Witney, Oxfordshire, and if you are local to the area, or are wanting help with the framing service, I am more than happy to help you choose your perfect frame.

Some of the added options you can get with bespoke framing are:

  • Anti-glare glass – Much like the polarised glasses you can get to stop horrid glare whilst driving, you can also get glass that doesn’t reflect its outside environment, enabling to keep your picture safe, and able to view it from all angles!
  • Hardwood Frames – Strong and beautiful, these hardwood frames are simply stunning.
  • Ornate Mouldings – whether you’re looking for a more Venetian looking or something opulent to frame your prize painting, there’s a plethora of options available to you to choose from.
  • Double mounts – You can go all out with double, or even triple mounts to really make your picture pop!

As you can see there are so many options to choose from, and getting the right combination can seem overwhelming, but fear not. If you choose to have a bespoke frame and require help choosing, simply email me with the subject of ‘Framing help’ or use the contact form below and we can discuss your options.