Oliver was born in Oxford, England. He is a self-taught, freelance artist who strives to create accurate and inspired art in multiple mediums, from sketching, digital painting in Adobe Photoshop and Procreate to oil on canvas. He has many artistic influences including Roberto Ferri, Turner, Caravaggio, Brian Fraud, Alan Lee, Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo and many more. Oliver is also a keen photographer, interested in portraits and wildlife photography. He ran a photographic studio for over 6 years before deciding to pursue his first love of painting. Oliver had his first commission at the age of 16 for three horses and the rest is history!

Oliver loves the challenge of creating art in different mediums, most recently learning mig welding to further his skill in blacksmithing and metalwork, creating sculptures in iron and steel. It’s a passion that was born from starting a farriers apprenticeship when he was 17, but he and the job didn’t mix; Oliver was far more interested in making pretty things. Oliver lives with his family and three beautiful black labs, called Alphie, Kaiser and Morgana in a wonderful little market town in Oxfordshire called Bicester. 

"Thank you for visiting my website I hope you find something inspirational or something he can help you with!"